I like 2 wheels. The feeling of freedom and the smiles they induce. I started riding bmx back in the early 80s and in the 90s I started my own business, born out of my love for art, bmx and fun. It was called Poor Boy Bmx, and from that soil many more endeavors and dreams sprouted up.

Today I still enjoy riding bmx, mountain and moto, it all makes me happy. My roots run deep, and I'm once again channeling my passions into hopes of helping spark memories and smiles in riders old and young again.

On this page you can browse my current art or, get in touch with me about commissioning your own. You can cruise through favorite old images or grab some PB Steev merch to fill your closet and plaster your bike. 

I love connecting with other guys. Feel free to leave comments and definitely post up any of your old PB stuff. Lets share memories and make some more.