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Unearthed from a landfill that sits atop the remains of a Helltrack burial ground, and excavated from the mind of an idiot comes the rarest and radest never to have existed collectable you didn't know you needed.

Crafted with Crit, it's another radiculous needless necessity from the factory that brought you the Lumber Yard Playlet, Mr Timmers Finger and Ass Slider Video Game.

Hand hewn from an actual vintage 8 track cassette and adorned with original cover art, each cartridge comes incased in an authentic RCA vintage sleeve with old school cellophane wrapper. (They are open at one end so that tape can be removed. )

These fully fake fun and unofficially official collectables are ready to make all your Rad friends heads spin. Just like yours did when you first saw that stupid unboxing video.

Made by Steev, they are for display not play. They are made from real vintage 60-70s classic cassettes, but are untested and may contain some of the lamest tunes you ever dug up a player for. Fair warning.

They are way cool, and guaranteed to endure smiles, stoke and tons of "no way, where'd you get thats".

Shipping NEXT WEEK Mar 21-24 first class in a padded envelope.

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